NOTE:  These songs are provided free of charge to all Worship Conference attendees and permission is granted to make copies of these songs for the purpose of congregational worship.  Permission is not granted to sell or profit from this resource.  Click on the title to download the resource.  For new independent worship songs visit


Session 1

Jeff Johnson

Session 2

Don McClure

Session 3

Worship Leader Panel Q&A

Session 4

David Rosales

Session 5

Sandy Adams

Session 6

Larry Powers


Some of these songs are well produced.  Others are a simple guitar and vocal.  We wanted to present to you the songs that are being written and recorded in Calvary Chapels today.  We encourage you to listen to each song, discover what God is doing throughout the Calvary Chapel Movement in worship and introduce the ones that resonate with you to your congregations.  We prefer to hear the songs used in a congregational setting as it gives worship leaders a better idea of how the song works in corporate worship.  It is our prayer that the Lord will use this to stir up in you a desire to write original songs of worship that give language to the corporate prayer that God has given your local fellowship and please share your songs with us. If you are looking for a FREE platform to distribute your original songs of praise… visit


Copyright 2014 Risen Music Publishing (Admin by PraiseCharts). Written by Andrew Barella, James Younger, Michale Bahn. CCLI # 7053157

Come And Adore

Written by Brooke Lambkin. CCLI # Pending.

Desperate Heart

Copyright 2015 ClicksSongs/Ascap. Words & music Kevin Click. CCLI # Pending

For Your Name Sake

Written by Jonathan Meenk. CCLI # Pending

Give It All (I Need You)​

Copyright 2017 Matt Houston. Words and Music by Matt Houston. CCLI # 7078038. From Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain.

Highest Praise

Copyright 2009 ClicksSongs/Ascap. Words & music Kevin Click/Maria Soriano. CCLI # Pending

Holy Is Our God

Written by Matt Houston. CCLI # 7077567

I Call Your Name

Copyright 2018 Holland Davis (admin worshipsong, inc.), Branon L. Dempsey (admin Worship Team Training), Lara Marriott Music (Admin. by Written by Holland Davis, Branon L. Dempsey, Lara Marriott. CCLI # 7112043

King And Kingdom

Written by Gene Pensiero. CCLI # Pending

Meet Me At The Cross

Copyright 2010 ClicksSongs/Ascap. Words & music Kevin Click. CCLI # Pending

Praise To The King

Copyright 2018. Calvary Chapel Chino Valley. Written by Rebecca Manzo, Ruben Meza, Julia Cleland, Tim Glover, Andrew Acevedo, Don Cottle, Jered Caballero, Jeff Barr, Kristina Towns, Derek Gumaer, Jordan Pate. CCLI # Pending

Psalm 4

Written by Jonathan Meenk. CCLI # Pending

Psalm 19

Written by Jonathan Meenk. CCLI # Pending

Reigning Still

Written by Matt Houston. CCLI # 7084181

Sing Glory

Written by Gene Pensiero. CCLI # Pending

You Alone Are My King

Written by Matt Houston. CCLI # 7094128

Your Love

Written by Alli Taylor. CCLI # 7086382


The Ascent (Complete Project)

The Ascent is a new recording project from Crossroads Church in Grass Valley (A Calvary Chapel Association Church). Chord Charts included. Songlist: Rivers Breathe On Me God Of My Breaking Our Savior Is Here Always Good I Still Have The Cross Nothing Compares Holy God

I Will Stand (Complete Project)

I Will Stand is the latest project from Pastor Holland Davis of Calvary Chapel San Clemente. Chord Charts included. Songlist: I Will Stand In The Cross Of Christ I Glory Emmanuel Make Us One Sweet Mercy Thank You Jesus The Wonderful Cross You Are The Source Worthy Is The Lamb We've A Story


Let It Rise: A Manual For Worship

The first 2 Chapters of Let It Rise: A Manual For Worship written by Pastor Holland Davis. Let It Rise is a comprehensive resource for worship leaders and worshippers alike. A collection of theological and practical insights gathered from over 30 years of worship ministry. This book is a practical, informative, and easy to read. Written with a great mix of common sense, humor, and sensitivity, Let It Rise is an invaluable resource for worship leaders everywhere, particularly for those who are just getting started. It is a working manual that covers all aspects of worship leadership. LET IT RISE: A MANUAL FOR WORSHIP IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM..

Musician's Gathering Resource

Calvary Chapel Chino Valley hosts Musician's Gatherings to provide training and equipping for worship teams and leaders. For information regarding Musician's Gatherings contact Jered Caballero at or Geri Torres at

Radio Interview on Worship

The Chik Chikeles Hour – Pastor Chik Chikeles Interview with Pastor Holland Davis on Worship

Technologies For Worship Magazine

July edition of Technologies For Worship Magazine featuring an article on Calvary Chapel Chino Valley and how they plan their worship services without using an online service like Planning Center Online. To subscribe to Technologies For Worship Magazine visit